The University Pension Plan (UPP)

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The University Pension Plan (UPP)

We are very pleased to announce that all six membership groups that comprise the labour-side founders of the University Pension Plan (UPP), have overwhelmingly voted in favour of the UPP.

USW Local 2010 (Staff; Queen’s): 96.4% voted Yes

USW Local 4120 (Staff; Guelph): 95.3% voted Yes

USW Local 1998 (Staff; UofT): 89.3% voted Yes

QUFA (Faculty; Queen’s): 96% voted Yes

UGFA (Faculty; Gueph): 98.6% voted Yes

UTFA (Faculty; UofT): 93.8% voted Yes

The proposed UPP is a jointly sponsored pension plan (JSPP). It is the product of more than two years of vigorous negotiations between the United Steelworker Locals, Faculty Associations, and the University Administrations.

The main goal of the participating membership groups throughout the negotiations was to achieve a sustainable defined benefit pension plan that would provide strong, dependable retirement income for members, both in the near term and for future generations.

Other employee groups at Queen’s, Guelph and UofT have yet to vote on the UPP, and retired members will also participate in the provincially mandated consent/objection process this spring.

More information on the proposed plan is available on the University Pension Plan website at, or email us at