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Kelly has been on full-time release, working in the Local 2010 Union Office since December 2012. This is her second term as President. Her position at Queen’s (held) is the Graduate Program Assistant and Professional Development Course Co-ordinator in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering. Kelly has been a labour activist for many years.

Kelly J. Orser


President Duties


Briana Broderick

Briana is the Graduate Program Assistant in the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality. She is also a labour and social justice activist.
Christina has both her BAH and MA from Queen’s and works in the Department of Sociology as the TA Coordinator for SOCY 122. Christina is active with EdCom, Orientation and many other aspects of Local 2010.

Christina Salavantis

Recording Secretary

Recording Secretary Duties

Liza is on full-time release to USW 2010 until April 2018 from her position as Programs Assistant in the School of English. She has served on the Executive Committee since January 2017 and is Chair of the USW Health and Safety Committee as well as Chair of the Women of Steel Committee.
Brenda is the Departmental Financial Assistant in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering. She is an active Steward and Member of the Women’s Committee.
Denise is a Program Assistant in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences. Denise is an active Member of Local 2010, volunteering her time as our Representative on the University Food Committee and distributing union cards for our Members.
Curtis works in the department of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment and also serves as a Steward.
Anne Tobin works in the Dept. of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences as a Finance Coordinator.
Heather is the Academic Counsellor and Assistant Degree Coordinator in the Faculty of Arts & Science. She is also Chair of the Local 2010 Social Committee.
Jill is the Administrative Secretary in the Department of Economics, and is active on the Social and Women’s Committees.
Cheryl is the Financial Assistant in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy.
Julia Savage is an Academic Assistant in Continuing and Distance Studies and a term adjunct instructor.

Julia Savage

Chairperson of the Academic Assistants’ Unit