Remote Work Arrangements for USW Members

As USW Members continue to return to campus, those who have adapted to working from home may be eligible for a Remote Work Arrangement (RWA).

The Union and the Employer have now completed negotiations regarding a Letter of Understanding (LOU): Remote Work Arrangements (RWAs) for USW Members.  To review the details of this LOU, click here.

If you are interested in a remote work arrangement, Human Resources will need you to complete the followings steps:

  1. Review the Procedure and the Guide to Approval and Implementation
  2. Request a remote work arrangement — USW Members should submit their request to their Manager
  3. Complete the Assessment Tool
  4. If approved, complete the USW Terms and Conditions Form — USW form provided by Client Services
  5. Evaluate the remote work arrangement

Email the Union Office at if you have any questions.

Further formation regarding RWA’s can also be found on the Human Resources web site.