Local 2010-01 will begin bargaining with the Employer later this year.  The Academic Assistant bargaining unit is comprised of ~150 Members working in many Departments across the University.  Please review the information below to familiarize yourself with the details.  If you have questions regarding the process of bargaining a new contract, please email: contact@usw2010.ca.

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Proposals for your Review:

In the interest of engaging as many Academic Assistants as possible during the bargaining process, your Bargaining Committee will share the language proposals they will develop on your behalf.

Check back later in the Spring for proposal details.

Questions and comments about proposals can be directed to: contact@usw2010.ca.

Your Bargaining Committee will develop a short survey (~9-11 minutes).  Please watch your Queen’s email for more information (check your junk mail folder).

Survey data will be shared below for Members to review.

Short Survey:

Survey Data:

It’s time to negotiate a better Collective Agreement
The role of the bargaining committee is to negotiate the best possible collective agreement that reflects the priorities of the membership.

Bargaining Committee Composition
There will be 3 positions on the Bargaining Committee, the Unit Chair, plus 2 Members. The election will establish the 2 committee positions.

To be eligible for election to the Bargaining Committee, Members must be in ‘good standing’, meaning they must be dues-paying members of the Local 2010-01 bargaining unit (Academic Assistants).

Bargaining Committee Responsibilities

  • Survey the membership regarding bargaining issues;
  • Development, review and revision of bargaining proposals;
  • Ensure members’ priorities and concerns are reflected in the proposals;
    Attend negotiations at the bargaining table as a key part of the union team;
  • Decide which proposals to withdraw, which ones to revise and which ones to retain during negotiations;
  • Recommend acceptance or rejection of a tentative agreement and explain to the membership how their priorities and concerns are reflected in the settlement.

Bargaining Committee Nominations
The nomination period for the Academic Assistant Bargaining Committee opened April 3, 2023 and closed on April 6, 2023.

One nomination/self-nomination was submitted by the deadline. The nomination received was verified for eligibility and acclaimed. No electronic election process will now take place.

View this link for more information:      https://conta.cc/42WupDX

Committee Composition
There will be 3 positions on the Bargaining Committee, the Unit Chair, plus 2 Members. This nomination period established 1 committee position.

In accordance with the USW Constitution, the Local 2010 Executive Board is able to appoint a Committee Member(s) if positions are still available.  Please send an email to contact@usw2010.ca if you are interested in this position.

Review the details below to see who will be representing you this round of bargaining with the Employer.

Sidra Shafique (Acclaimed Member)
Member (open position)
Matthew Lee, Academic Assistant Unit Chair

Kelly J. Orser, Co-Chief Spokesperson, President, and Bargaining Committee Chair
Briana Broderick, Co-Chief Spokesperson, Vice President, and Senior Grievance Officer

Anke Starratt, Assistant to the Bargaining Committee
John Goldthorp, USW Staff Representative

Committee Bio’s

Matthew Lee, AA Unit Chair

Matthew is an Academic Assistant with the Faculty of Engineering. He is a Professional Engineer in Ontario and works as a Senior Engineer with Transport Canada outside the university.  This will be Matthew’s second round of AA bargaining with the Employer.

Sidra Shafique, Acclaimed Member

Sidra Shafique is a Research Associate in the Faculty of Health Sciences – Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen’s University. She got her Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Toxicology,and Biomedical Sciences. Sidra is a senior Academic Assistant and remained a successful AA for BHSc IDIS 173 ONL course. She is an active member of the DBMS EDIIA committee and is familiar with the principles of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity, and Accessibility. Her goal is service, training, skill development, networking, and growing as an active Academic Assistant Bargaining Committee member. Sidra likes reading books and volunteering as an instructor.

Appointed Member Bio (open position)

There is one open position on the AA Bargaining Committee to be filled.  Please send an email to contact@usw2010.ca if you are interested in this position.

Assistance | Support

Kelly J. Orser
Co-Chief Spokesperson, President, and Bargaining Committee Chair

Briana Broderick
Co-Chief Spokesperson, Vice-President, and Senior Grievance Officer

John Goldthorp
USW Staff Representative

Anke Starratt
Bargaining Committee Assistant and Office Administrator

Local 2010-01 (Academic Assistants)

Local 2010-01 Collective Agreement (September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2023)  
Collective Agreement Highlights
If you have questions regarding this contract, please email: contact@usw2010.ca

Collective Agreement
The 2010-01 Collective Agreement for Academic Assistants will expire August 31, 2023.

Notice to the Employer
The Union will deliver our Notice to Bargain to the Employer on June 1, 2023, 90 days before the expiration of the agreement, in accordance with the Labour Relations Act.