In terms of job duties and key roles, the President is responsible for attending Labour Management Meetings, Central Heating Plant Labour Management Meetings and Informal meetings with the Employer, Bargaining Committee meetings and details, Job Evaluation and Pay Equity oversight including joint meetings with the Employer, negotiating Minutes of Settlement, Memorandums of Agreement, etc., with the Employer, attends Grievances Meetings, assists all Local Committees, has final signing authority on financial matters of the Local, is the primary contact with the USW Staff Representative, Chairs Executive Meetings, etc.

Day-to-day Duties of the President can include:

  • Primary contact: Staff Reps, D6
  • Primary contact: Media & Community Groups
  • Finances: Budget & Signing Authority
  • Authority to Bind on behalf of Local
  • Manages Local Union Office & Supervises all Staff on Release
  • Daily admin/operation of Local office including workload assignments
  • Communications – Oversight (All)
  • Release Time Requests to HR
  • Appointments for Local Volunteers
  • Ex-Officio on all USW Committees
  • Membership Meetings – Chair
  • Executive Meetings – Chair
  • Grievances plus Oversight
  • RTW/Accommodations/WSIB
  • ARBs – assist with prep/attend
  • Release Agreements
  • MOSs; MOAs; MOUs; LOUs
  • Layoff Mtgs with Employer
  • Layoff Mtgs with Employer/ee
  • Redeployment Tracking
  • Discipline Meetings
  • Investigative Meetings
  • LMC Meetings
  • Informal Meetings with Employer
  • Bargaining Details
  • Respond to Member Inquiries
  • Advise Members on CA Matters

Constitutional Requirements:
The President shall preside at all membership meetings of the Local Union and preserve order, and shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Local Union. The President shall have the right to vote at all elections of officers, and, when the members are equally divided on other questions, shall have the deciding vote. The President shall call special meetings by request of ten (10) members in good standing of the Local Union, and shall enforce the provisions of this Constitution. The President shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for and be ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall perform such other duties as the Local Union may assign. In the event that a vacancy occurs in the office of Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Guide, Guard or Trustee or in the position of Grievance Committee Member at any time during the term of office, the remaining Local Union Officers shall, by majority vote, select a successor to serve for the remainder of that term.