1. Log on to MyHR and view your pay stub. Note: to log on to PS from off campus, use the link “MyHR Off Campus” on HR main page
  2. Log on to Queen’s Pension Self Service (if off campus, direct logon is faster than MyHR) – and download your latest Pension statement. Note: that if you have had a break in contributing to the Queen’s Pension Plan, you may have more than one Pension Statement. The calculations in the Excel file are for one period of pension contributions.
  3. Download the Excel file Know_Your_PayStub_20170401 with examples and detailed calculations, updated for 2017.
  4. Watch for updates to the Excel file each year!
  5. Email contact@usw2010.ca if you have questions.

See USW Local 2010 Guide Book, page 6, for detail about your dues.
Here are the lines on your pay stub:

  • Before-Tax Deductions, Union Dues USW, is 1.55% of earnings
  • Before-Tax Deductions, Union Dues Levy, is $.02 / hour worked, and is for union organizing and growth
  • After-Tax Deductions, Humanity Fund, is $.03/hour worked, and is optional. See Humanity Fund Page for info, and a link to the HR form to opt out or in.