The Job Evaluation Project was completed November 5, 2021 by USW and HR.
If you have any questions about the project please email:

USW and Queen’s Job Evaluation Project | 2021 Evaluation Results & Appeals Process

An agreement regarding this Project was reached in July between USW Local 2010 and the University.  Job evaluation results are now being re-released, and the draft Amended Pay Equity Plan is also available for review.  These documents and details are available on the Job Evaluation SharePoint site.

As part of the agreement, a 20-day appeal process begins August 23, 2021 and concludes on September 13, 2021, at 4:30 p.m. EST.

Please take time to review your results, both independently and with your manager.  More information about the appeal process and eligibility for appeals is available on the SharePoint site.

Should you have any questions about your results, please review additional information on the SharePoint site. You can also contact the following resources at any time:

Through the fall, the Union and the University will review any appeals received. Following this review, details will be addressed and finalizes.  Implementation of the new job evaluation system and Amended Pay Equity Plan is targeted for end of 2021.



USW Job Evaluation Town Hall Presentation

Appeal Form


Binding Order from Arbitrator Trachuk concluding the ongoing negotiations and mediation/arbitration with the Employer over the draft Amended Pay Equity Plan.

Letter of Understanding Regarding Job Evaluation Project Activities