Donald Trump’s steel, aluminum tariffs: Here’s what you need to know

U.S. President Donald Trump announced Thursday his intention to impose hefty taxes on imported steel and aluminum in an effort to protect American producers that could have a ripple effect by igniting a trade war.

During a White House meeting with U.S. steel industry brass, Trump announced he would slap a 25 per cent tariff on steel imports and another 10 per cent on aluminum imports, vowing to help an American industry, he says, that had been treated unfairly by other countries.

Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s plan.

What is Trump’s reason for implementing tariffs?
The U.S. president believes the import taxes will help protect American jobs and will boost the U.S. economy. The Trump administration also cited national security interests for implementing the tariffs, saying the military needs a domestic supply for its tanks and ships.

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