The Treasurer shall receive from the Financial Secretary all money collected by the Financial Secretary and shall deposit all money belonging to the Local Union in a bank designated by it. All initiation fees and dues shall be deposited in a separate bank account to be designated as a trust fund for the International Union. The Treasurer shall cause to be issued to the Financial Secretary a receipt for all money turned over to the Treasurer or deposited to the Treasurer’s credit in the regular bank account. The Treasurer shall issue a separate receipt for the amount of money turned over at any time or for such deposit made, and shall sign all checks and have them countersigned by the President and the Financial Secretary. The Treasurer shall keep regular and correct accounts of all money received and paid, and report at each meeting the balance of cash shown by the last report, the amount received since, the total checks issued and authorized, and the balance remaining. The Treasurer’s accounts shall be open for examination by the Auditing Committee at any time when called upon. The Treasurer’s books shall be subject at all times to audit by the International Secretary-Treasurer of the United Steelworkers. The Treasurer shall perform such other duties required under the Constitution and as the Local Union may assign.