USW Local 2010 Job Evaluation Project
Creating a Modern, Updated Point-Factor System to Evaluate Jobs in the USW Bargaining Unit 


After bargaining with the Employer, USW Local 2010 (USW) was successful in negotiating a new Job Evaluation (JE) Letter of Understanding (LOU).  This new LOU will bridge the JE Project through to the next set of negotiations.

The JE Project was initiated to develop and implement a new Job Evaluation (JE) system for positions in the USW Local 2010 bargaining unit. The new JE system will be a gender-neutral, point-factor system that is compliant with the Ontario Pay Equity Act.  It is also a more transparent, standardize framework to evaluate positions then has been used in the past.

There are approximately 1,250 staff in the USW bargaining unit whose positions currently encompass a wide variety of jobs spanning grades two through nine. Other employee groups, such as confidential/excluded group, research group, and the QMPG are not within the scope of this project.


Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation is the process of systematically determining the relative worth of positions to create a position structure for an organization. Job Evaluation provides the basis for providing comparable pay for jobs of the same or similar value, and providing a consistent method of gathering information about jobs and evaluating them against a standard framework.


Different Inquiry Types

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If you have questions regarding the JE Project or filling out your Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ), please email





Job Content Questionnaire:

Preview of Job Content Questionnaire August 2018


Letters of Understanding:

LOU signed June 1, 2018

LOU Job Evaluation Collective Agreement Details

LOU Job Evaluation Collective Agreement Position Freeze Details

LOU Activities of Working Group on Job Evaluation (WGJE) Collective Agreement Details

LOU Job Evaluation Appendix A Chart of Activities


Appendix & Schedules:

Appendix A – Job Evaluation Process

Schedule A – Reference Data Set Audit Process

Schedule C – Process to Address Re-evaluation and Disputes Post-Implementation

Schedule D – Evaluation and Re-Evaluation Processes Post JCQ Launch

Schedule E – Dispute Resolution Form

Schedule F – Confirmation Form

Schedule G – Request for Reassessment Form

Schedule H – Appeal Form

Schedule I – Employees on Leave

Schedule J – Job Content Questionnaire



Job Evaluation Project Educational Session

Job Evaluation Project | Letter of Understanding Negotiations


USW Job Evaluation Committee

Katherine Rudder, Life Sciences
Susanne Cliff-Jungling, Philosophy
Christina Salavantis, Sociology
Elizabeth Agostino, Chair, USW

Labour Consultants:  Olivia Batt and Daina Green

Assisting:  Kelly Orser, President, Briana Broderick, Vice-President, John Goldthorp, USW Staff Representative