The Financial Secretary shall receive all money due the Local Union and pay the same to the Treasurer, from whom the Financial Secretary shall take a receipt. The Financial Secretary shall also keep accurately the accounts of the Local Union with its members, and shall at all times have the books open for examination by the Auditing Committee, and perform such other duties required under the Constitution and as the Local Union may assign. The Financial Secretary shall make out the various reports required by the International Secretary-Treasurer and forward such reports to the International Secretary-Treasurer in accordance with instructions. Should it be proved that a Local Union Financial Secretary has failed to report monthly the full membership of the Local Union as provided for in the report to the International Secretary-Treasurer and transmit the full amount of initiation fees and dues, the Financial Secretary shall be suspended from all privileges and benefits until the deficiency is made good, and shall be liable to the International Union for the full amount unpaid. The Financial Secretary shall keep a record of all transfer request forms issued and received. The Financial Secretary’s accounts shall be subject at all times to audit by the International Secretary-Treasurer.