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It's time to negotiate a better
Collective Agreement!

The role of the bargaining committee is to negotiate the best possible collective agreement that reflects the priorities of the membership.

Bargaining Committee Composition

There will be 7 positions on the Bargaining Committee:

  • President (appointed by virtue of office; Article 9.01 of the Collective Agreement)
  • Six Elected Committee Members

Three alternates will also be elected at the same time. An alternate will replace an elected committee member in the event that a member cannot fulfill their duties.

The election will establish the 6 Committee positions and the 3 alternates.

Candidates for Election

All candidates have been vetted and found eligible to run for election. Each have agreed to stand for election and offer their biographies below for review by the Membership. Candidates are listed below in alphabetical order.

Elizabeth Agostino

My name is Elizabeth Agostino and I’ve worked at Queen’s University for 4.5 years as a Financial Assistant in the Chemical Engineering department. I would like to be a member of this committee to help USW achieve a fair and beneficial contract between the Membership and our Employer. My experience with bargaining includes the time spent with the Job Evaluation Committee observing the negotiating process for the Job Evaluation project. As mentioned, I am currently a Job Evaluation Committee Member with USW Local 2010. I come from a pro-Union family, both my parents have served as Chief Stewards in their respective Unions and part of their bargaining committees. My husband is currently serving as Treasurer of his USW Union, and recently was a member of that bargaining committee. That being said, I have been able to appreciate the importance of unions, and would love the opportunity to participate first-hand in the process of contract negotiations. I hope you will allow me the chance to keep the tradition of being at the bargaining table and fighting for the rights of the Members.

Briana Broderick

Briana Broderick has served USW Local 2010 in a full time capacity since 2014. She is currently the full time Vice President and Grievance Officer, whose main portfolios include grievances, arbitrations and settlements, and return to work and accommodation, as well as Member Services. Bri served on the 2015 Bargaining Committee, and was appointed as a Special Advisor to the USW 2010-01 Academic Assistant bargaining in 2016. She was also a key player during the recent Job Evaluation negotiations, and was a party to the initial talks in the creation of the new University Pension Plan with Queen’s, U of T and Guelph. Having experienced two full rounds of bargaining, plus job evaluation negotiations in addition to her daily work of negotiating individual Minutes of Settlement, Minutes of Agreement and Minutes of Understanding on behalf of the members, Bri feels that she has a unique skill set that would be an asset to the bargaining team. Further, as a full time officer, Bri is aware of the issues surrounding some of the articles in the Collective Agreement, as well as areas of deficit that need to be addressed. Outside of the local, Bri serves as the Next Generation and Political Action Coordinator for District 6, and has recently ended her term as the Young Worker Representative for the Ontario Federation of Labour. Bri has an HBA BEd/IS from Lakehead University and an MA in History from Queen’s. She is very excited at the prospect of representing her union in bargaining!

Note: Bri will be going on maternity leave later this fall, but as a “member of good standing” is still eligible to run as a bargaining committee member and can participate in the process. If elected, Bri has committed that she will participate fully in the bargaining process through to conclusion.

Sarah Bunting bio photo

Sarah Bunting

Sarah currently serves on the Executive board as Guide and has been involved with the union as Chair of the Next Gen Committee and sitting on the Human Rights Committee since obtaining a full-time position with Queen’s 1.5 years ago. Sarah is a Queen’s Alum with a B.Mus and B.Ed, and currently works with the Department of Student Affairs as Career Counsellor with Career Services.

Sarah has a background working in employment programming in non-profit and government funded agencies where she has been a long-time advocate for employment equity. In previous roles with the YMCA Sarah worked with persons with disabilities to advocate to employers and develop work experiences for them. In education and work Sarah has worked with the Employment Standards Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act and is excited for the opportunity to transfer this knowledge to the new setting of negotiations.

scj picture 180816

Susanne Cliff-Jungling

I have worked at Queen’s since 2002 in a variety of positions and departments, including the Department of Geography, the Industrial Relations Centre (IRC), and eQUIP Task Force at the Office of the Vice Principal (Research). I am currently Administrative and Graduate Assistant in the Department of Philosophy.

I have a strong commitment to worker representation. Over the years, I have been involved in employer-employee relations in various ways. I was a member of Queen’s University Staff Association (QUSA) executive committee for several years and worked as a QUSA Staff Advisors providing advice and support to non-union staff involved in workplace disputes. Within USW, I am currently a member of the Joint Job Evaluation Committee.

I believe our union is what we make it. USW Local 2010 is growing and getting stronger with the engagement of its members. I appreciate the work our executive and office team has contributed to our successes and I look forward to becoming a member of the bargaining team to further our member’s interests.

Besides my hands on experience in working on labour relations issues, I earned a certificate in Industrial Relations from Queen’s IRC and as IRC program coordinator had the opportunity to be part of the delivery of such labour relations program as dispute resolution, negotiation skills, and labour arbitration. These experiences will serve as a valuable foundation for the work on the Bargaining Committee.

Liza Cote bio pic

Liza Cote

Liza Cote has been a Queen’s employee since 2012 and has enjoyed working on full-time release in the USW office since April 2017 as Financial Secretary. She is the Chair of the following USW 2010 Committees: Health & Safety, Human Rights and Women of Steel. Her interest in Health and Safety led her to volunteer on the planning committee for the annual Steps for Life Walk in support of Threads of Life, an organization that assists families affected by workplace disease, injury and death.

Liza has previous experience with the collective bargaining process having served as part of the Job Evaluation Project bargaining team. She has also worked with Unity Council (consisting of representatives of all labour groups on Queen’s campus) in revising the Joint Health and Safety Committees’ Terms of Reference. Her work in the union office serving the membership and assisting with grievances, investigative meetings, layoffs, and Labour Management meetings has afforded her a unique perspective on the current Collective Agreement and prompted ideas as to how it can best be improved. Liza is passionate about social justice and is thankful for the opportunities working at USW has provided her. “Solidarity forever for the Union makes us strong” – Ralph Chaplin


Jessica Hogan

My name is Jessica Hogan and I have worked at Queen’s University since 2001 in various roles in several different departments. I am currently the Course Evaluation Administrator (USAT) in the Registrar’s office. Up to this point, I have been involved in the Union in unofficial instances only (i.e. Job Evaluation pilot project.) Recently, my role as a Director on my condominium board has sparked an interest in becoming more involved in the negotiations and decision-making that will affect all of our USW 2010 members. I am a dedicated and informed employee and I believe that these qualities will make me a valuable member of the USW Bargaining Committee.


Tanya Ligthart

Hello! My name is Tanya Ligthart and I have been an employee at Queen’s for over 11 years in several different roles. I am interested in becoming a member of the bargaining committee as I believe I could be a positive contributing member to the team.

My range of experience has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and understanding of what is important to employees.

I’m honoured to be nominated for the Bargaining Committee and look forward to the opportunity to serve and represent my fellow members and colleagues at the bargaining table.

bargaining pic 1

Janice Mitton

Hello Everyone!

I would like to be considered for the USW 2010 Bargaining Committee for our next round of negotiations.

I grew up in Kingston hearing about the University as my mother worked in Geology and was a part of the Staff Association for many years.

I started my 31 year career at Queen’s in Financial Services in the early fall of 1987. I worked in Accounts Payable processing the vendor payments then moved to Payroll in fall of 1992. Payroll became part of Human Resources and we eventually moved downstairs in Richardson Hall and became known as Compensation. I was part of the hub of all payrolls and benefits for Queen’s. In January 2001, I moved to Residence Administration where I currently process most accounts payable and purchase requests for Housing and Ancillary Services.

With this experience I feel I have a very good understanding of how our compensation and benefits work for all involved. I have met and worked with many employees over the years with different circumstances and needs.

In my spare time, after I have been to the dog park with my boarder collie mix Missy, I have been crocheting up a storm for the Kingston Coalition Against Poverty for people in need of a warm scarf this winter.


Cathy Nelson

My name is Cathy Nelson. I have been employed at Queen’s since 1988. I have been involved with Local 2010 in several capacities, serving on the Executive as Guide, a Return to Work representative and currently I am a member of the USW Health and Safety Committee.

Being elected to the USW Bargaining Committee would be a great honour and responsibility. I look forward to learning and getting involved in the Bargaining process. I believe through education and understanding our Union becomes stronger.


Cheryl Power

I currently hold the position of Financial Assistant in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy.  Over the many years I’ve been at the University, I have been privileged to work with numerous colleagues in several units who do so much to make this University a success.  The experiences I have gained in these positions will serve to represent many campus areas as we seek to renew our Collective Agreement.

Having been a member of the Staff Union Steering Committee, the first Bargaining Committee (2011-2012), a Steward to assist Members, and currently as a long-standing Executive Member of USW Local 2010 (Trustee), I’ve spoken with many staff about our issues and concerns (e.g. pension, benefits, job evaluation, etc.).  I believe that these varying roles will enable me to represent staff in a positive and meaningful manner.

My previous experience in bargaining our first Collective Agreement with the Employer in 2011-2012 has afforded me good insight into working conditions for staff, as well as an understanding of the Collective Agreement and the full bargaining process.  This knowledge would help me contribute confidently as a member of the Bargaining Committee.

I would welcome and be excited to have the opportunity to serve support staff on our 2018-2019 Bargaining Committee.

Brandon Ruck headshot

Brandon Ruck

My name is Brandon Ruck, and I’ve been employed by Queen’s since June of 2016. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and have been working in a professional capacity for 10 years. My day-to-day work with the Industrial Relations Centre immerses me in the world of labour relations, and I’ve had the great pleasure of working with hundreds of unionized and non-unionized managers and employees during my time here at Queen’s. Much of my daily work involves corresponding with labour leaders and identifying workplace issues, from both the management and union perspective, and I regularly follow collective bargaining agreements and disputes across the country to be successful in my role.

I think I’d be a strong addition to the Bargaining Committee for USW 2010, as I can combine my knowledge and experience in labour relations, business negotiations, and communications, with a keen desire to improve the daily lives of USW members. I am a strong-willed person who is unafraid to question the status quo and will bring a fresh set of eyes and experiences to the bargaining table. I will be a strong advocate for the membership, will defend the interests of my USW colleagues, and will strive to help obtain the greatest possible collective agreement with our Employer.


The election will take place August 21 to 23, 2018 and will be conducted by electronic vote which should allow our members access to the process regardless of location (e.g. vacation, maternity leave, etc.).

The election will OPEN Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 9:00 am.

The election will CLOSE on Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 5:00 pm.

Please watch your email for election details (i.e. link).


If you have questions regarding the election process, please email

USW Local 2010 bargaining is supported by the Canadian National Office Research Department, the District 6 Office, as well as John Goldthorp our Staff Rep and Chief Spokesperson.