To contact your Steward/Return to Work (RTW) Representative, please click here: Contact Sheet – USW 2010 Stewards (January 2021) to review the details.


– Stewards are your colleagues here at the University who have volunteered to become active in your union, and to make sure that the voice of Members (employees) is heard.
– Any time you feel you may have been treated unfairly, contact your Steward.
– Stewards assist members in handling complaints, attending discipline meetings, filing grievances, as well as providing advice, advocacy and support, while maintaining member confidentiality.
– Members will be supported by Stewards; if a resolution cannot be reached between Management, yourself and your Steward, the matter can go forward as a grievance if you wish.
– Supervisors are obligated to inform you of your right to have a Steward present at any meeting where discipline or discharge is to be given.
– Often concerns or issues can be solved quickly and easily without formal action.
– If you feel however, that your concern warrants formal action, and you wish to submit a Grievance, your Steward will assist you in this process.
– Remember, the Employer must act first before a Member can grieve; you can’t grieve something that hasn’t actually happened.
– Stewards are great problem solvers, educators and communicators, and they are not afraid to speak up to Management on your behalf.
– They work with you every day, so don’t hesitate to approach them if you need help with an issue!