Union and Return to Work (RTW) Representatives for USW 2010 & 2010-01 Members

Members & Management:  to contact a Union/RTW Representative, use the contact order and surname breakdown outlined below.

Contact Order:

  • Union/RTW Representative (based on surname)
  • Next/any Union/RTW Representative listed (as alternate)
  • Member Service Coordinator/Grievance Officer (Sarah Bunting)
  • Member Service Coordinator (Tina McKenna)
  • Member Service Coordinator (Samantha Samson)
  • Vice President/Senior Grievance Officer (Briana Broderick)
  • Financial Secretary/Office Administrator (Anke Starratt)
  • President (Kelly Orser)

For Members, please use your personal email address to contact and correspond with us.

Union Representative Name:Position Title:Email Address:Contact Sequence
by Member Surname:
Sarah Bunting
Union/RTW RepGrievance.officer@usw2010.caA-Co
Tina McKennaUnion/RTW RepMember.Services@usw2010.caCr-F
Curtis GonyouUnion/RTW RepInside.Guard@usw2010.caG-J
Tina McKennaUnion/RTW RepMember.Services@usw2010.caK-Mc
Cheryl PowerUnion/RTW RepTrustee2@usw2010.caMe-P
Christina SalavantisUnion/RTW RepGuide@usw2010.caQ-S
Mark SloanUnion/RTW RepMark.Sloan@usw2010.caT-Z
Matt Lee2010-01 AA ChairpersonAAchair@usw2010.caAll Academic Assistants
Tina McKennaMember Services CoordinatorMember.Services@usw2010.caAlternate contact
Samantha SamsonMember Services CoordinatorMemberservices.coordinator@usw2010.caAlternate contact
Sarah BuntingGrievance OfficerGrievance.officer@usw2010.caAlternate contact
Briana BroderickVice President & Senior Grievance OfficerVP@usw2010.caAlternate contact
Anke StarrattFinancial Secretary & Office AdministratorFinance@usw2010.caAlternate contact
Kelly OrserPresidentPresident@usw2010.caFinal contact