Grievances & Arbitrations

All Members of Locals 2010 (Administrative Support Staff) and 2010-01 (Academic Assistants) have the right to submit complaints or issues that arise between the University and an employee and/or the Union. Procedures to raise such complaints/issues have been agreed to by the Parties and can be found in our Collective Agreements as follows:

  • Local 2010 | Administrative Support Staff | ARTICLE 11: Grievance Process
  • local 2010-01 | Academic Assistants | ARTICLE 9: Grievances

Grievances arising from a violation of the Collective Agreement, the treatment by others in the workplace, or violations of the law, such as workplace health & safety regulations, etc., are address as efficiently as possible following the procedures as established.

Local 2010 and 2010-01 Members follow a 4-Step grievance process:

  • Informal Resolution Request (IRR) Stage
  • Step #1
  • Step #2
  • Arbitration

Grievance Details and Updates:


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