Equal Pay Day

=$Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far into the year that women need to work, to earn what men earned in the previous year! See Equal Pay Coalition.

WEAR RED on Equal Pay Day to symbolize how far women and minorities are “in the red” with their pay!

Want to help out with future Equal Pay Day event planning? email jobeval@usw2010.ca.

April 11, 2017

PSAC 901, United Steelworkers Local 2010, Queen’s University Equity Office, Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA), the Queen’s Alma Mater Society (AMS) and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) organized the awareness campaign; see CKWS Report, also Equal Pay Coalition Bulletin – 21 April 2017 (4p pdf)

April 19, 2016

With AMS, CUPE, PSAC, QUFA, SGPS, and USW Local 2010; see also QUFA Voices, May 2016 Equal Pay Day 2016, picture on page 3

EPD 1  EPD 8

April 20, 2015

Event with AMS, Gender Studies Department, SGPS, USW Local 2010 Job Evaluation Committee / Women’s Action Committee.

EqualPayDay2015_01  EqualPayDay2015_02

April 16, 2014 pictures

Equal Pay Coalition


Equal Pay Day Videos