Education Committee (EdCom)


EdCom Session Resources

Please find below the presentations and handouts from all of the EdComs:

EdCom Sessions
USW Orientation None New Member Orientation Booklet
USW Local 2010 Orientation Dates USW Local 2010 Guidebook
Affiliations Presentation Handout
Know Your Pay Stub – May 2016 None Excel file
Local Elections – February 2015 Presentation Handout
Leaves of Absence – December 2014 Presentation Handout
Bargaining – November 2014 Presentation Handout
Job Evaluation Update – October 2014 Presentation None
Health and Safety – October 2014 Handout
Job Evaluation Process – August 2014 Presentation None
Redeployment – July 2014 Presentation Handout
Stewards – June 2014 Presentation None
Overtime/Lieu Time – May 2014 Presentation Handout
Job Postings – April 2014 Presentation Handout
Grievance Procedure – March 2014 Presentation Handout
Job Evaluation Process – February 2014 Presentation None
Notification of Layoff – January 2014 Presentation None


Wondering how your dues are calculated and where do they go? Take a look at this helpful graphic:

Coin Graphic

Other Resources

The Union Advantage

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