Chair: Sarah Bunting |
Members: Briana Broderick, Julia Savage, Jeremy Robins
New USW members are always welcome.

Next Generation is a program to inspire and educate young members of the United Steelworkers, providing opportunities for mentoring and leadership development, along with union and community activism. The United Steelworkers is North America’s largest industrial union, representing 200,000 active members in Canada and another 400,000 in the United States in all imaginable segments of the economy, including manufacturing, telecommunications, education, mining, paper, health care, forestry and so much more.

The USW has a proud history of standing up for workers both inside the workplace and in the larger community and economy. Next Generation honours our strong past, protects our present and aims to make our union vibrant, viable and relevant for the future by sparking a lifetime of union and community activism.
Chair: Liza Cote |
Members: William Syroid, Crystal McCracken, Cathy Nelson, Abigail Scott, Sarah Bunting
New USW members are always welcome.

Meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month starting at 12:05 pm in the Union Office Boardroom (excluding July, August and December). USW members are welcome to attend.

There are several opportunities available for USW 2010 members looking to serve on one of the Joint Health and Safety Committees across campus including:

Faculty of Health and Science – opening for one 2010 member and one 2010-01 member (Academic Assistant)
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science – opening for one 2010-01 member (Academic Assistant)
Faculty of Health Science – opening for one 2010-01 member (Academic Assistant)

2010-01 members (Academic Assistants) are compensated for their time serving on Joint Health and Safety Committees.

As per Article 17.03 of the Collective Agreement, 2010 members “will not suffer a loss of regular straight time pay for time spent attending meetings of the Committee or carrying out duties as a worker representative.” Meetings and inspections are conducted during regular office hours.

Please email: if interested in any of these opportunities.

Our union is committed to preventing injuries, illness and death at the workplace. Please visit to learn more.

Workplace Injuries Caused by Mental Stress Deserve to be Recognized

Meeting Notes February 27, 2018

Opportunities for Academic Assistants

Chair: Liza Cote |
Members: Elizabeth Cooper, Terrie Easter Sheen, Paul Carl, Alison Burnett
New USW members are always welcome.

Our members reflect the diversity of Canada. We celebrate differences and believe that everyone is entitled to a workplace that is free from discrimination, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, status or sexual orientation. Our union helped achieve legislation and regulations that provide for equal pay, anti-harassment protection and employment equity provisions.

Chair: Kelly Orser |
Members: Mary Smida, Susanne Cliff-Jungling, Christina Salavantis, Katherine Rudder, Elizabeth Agostino, Deborah Keogh
New USW members are always welcome.

January 31, 2017 – Queen’s/USW JE Project Milestone achieved
The Working Group on Job Evaluation (WGJE) recommended in June 2016 new job evaluation tools. In December 2016, Queen’s University and USW Local 2010 approved the recommended tools, which will form the main components for building a new job evaluation system. The WGJE continued to meet in October, November, and December to review the timetable as set out in the collective agreement and to prepare for upcoming project activities. The WGJE met again in January 2017 and will continue to update the community as the project progresses.
Chair: Liza Cote |
Members: Katie Legere, Brenda Wood, Terrie Easter Sheen, Bianca Vanderlaak, Jill Hodgson
New USW members are always welcome.

The United Steelworkers are committed to equality. We believe unions need women and women need unions. We have strong policies against harassment in the workplace, bargain for pay equity and offer training and leadership development to our women members. All women who are members of the Union are considered Women of Steel.