About Our Union

Local 2010 Executive Board Members:

  • Kelly J. Orser, President
  • Briana Broderick, Vice-President
  • Christina Salavantis, Recording Secretary
  • Liza Cote, Financial Secretary
  • Brenda Wood, Treasurer
  • Denise Cameron, Guide
  • Curtis Gonyou, Inside Guard
  • Anne Tobin, Outside Guard
  • Heather Carter, Trustee
  • Jill Hodgson, Trustee
  • Cheryl Power, Trustee
  • Julia Savage, Unit Chair, 2010-01 (Academic Assistants)
  • John Goldthorp, USW Staff Rep (invited; non-voting)

Local 2010-01 Unit Members:

  • Julia Savage, Unit Chair, 2010-01 (Academic Assistants)

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Duties for individual Executive Members:
President, Vice-President, Recording-Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Guide, Inside Guard, Outside Guard, Trustees (x3)

USW Structure and Affiliates:
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