Next Gen Committee Chair: Sarah Bunting | Members: Briana Broderick, Julia Savage, Jeremy Robins New USW members are always welcome. Next Generation is a program to inspire and educate young members of the United Steelworkers, providing opportunities for mentoring and leadership development, along with union and community activism. The United [...]

Officers and Executive

Kelly has been on full-time release, working in the Local 2010 Union Office since December 2012. This is her third term as President. Her position at Queen’s (held) is the Graduate Program Assistant and Professional Development Course Co-ordinator in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering. Kelly has been a labour [...]

Social Justice

Local 2010 Social Justice Actions Social justice is the idea that equality, especially regarding social, political, and economic affairs, should exist for everyone regardless of background, class, race, sexuality, gender, etc. USW prides itself as an organization that is at the forefront of progressive and inclusive movements, and in supporting legislation [...]