United Steelworkers Local 2010

New Collective Agreement

Final revisions have now been made to our Collective Agreement (CA) and it is now posted online on our web site for your reference at:
This CA is in effect January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2018.

Article 29 of the CA provides Members with an electronic copy of the contract, but you can request a printed copy from HR if you wish. Printed copies are expected to be available over the next few weeks. Please contact your Client Services Advisor in HR by email if you would like a printed copy.  Email us at ac.0102wsunull@tcatnoc if you have any questions.

Humanity Fund Presentation

Humanity Fund Donation

At the April 27,2016 Membership Meeting a special presentation was made by Briana Broderick sent on behalf of the USW Humanity Fund to Nancy Bayly and Anna van der Meulen of the Frontenac Refugee Support Group.  The $7500 cheque will be put toward the support of a Syrian refugee family who arrived in Kingston in February 2016.

Know your Paystub 2016 – Hands on Session Tuesday May 2

Bring a copy of your paystub (or log on to Peoplesoft), download Know Your Paystub 2016 Excel file – see instructions on Member Resources, Know Your Paystub – check your pay, deductions, and Queen’s contributions to your Pension Plan and benefits!

12 noon – 1 pm, Jeffrey Hall Room 155 (large computer lab)

The Day of Mourning Ceremony – Kingston City Hall – April 28, 2016

The Kingston and District Labour Council held a Day of Mourning Ceremony at City Hall, Memorial Hall on April 28th from 11:30 am to 1pm. Guest Speakers were Nancy Hutchison from United Steelworkers and City of Kingston Mayor Brian Paterson.

April 28th is International Day of Mourning – a day for unions, all workers, friends and family to remember those killed or injured on the job. On average, 2 Canadian employees are killed every day in work-related incidents and many more become injured or sick from exposure to hazardous materials. Let us all pause to remember the suffering caused to workers, families and the community by unsafe work places.

Local 2010-01 | Academic Assistants | Collective Bargaining
Nominations for the Bargaining Committee are now open!

We are looking for two (2) AA bargaining unit Members to join the Bargaining Team. 

Nomination Process
Members who wish to be part of the bargaining team must be nominated (self nominations are welcome).   Nominations are now open, and an election to select team members will follow only if more people are nominated then available positions.   Any interested members should send their nominations (for yourself or another member) to Jane Russell Corbett, no later than 4:00pm on April 21, 2016.

Local 2010-01 | Academic Assistants | Collective Bargaining
The 2010-01 Collective Agreement expires August 31, 2016. We will deliver notice to bargain in June 2016, 90 days before the expiration of the agreement, in accordance with the Labour Relations Act.  We will be looking for a Bargaining Committee of 3 Members, one of whom will be Jane Russell Corbett as the AA Unit Chair, to make up the team.  Bargaining Committee Members will be elected.

Equal Pay Day is April 19, 2016!

Pay Equity in the News!

Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far into the year that women need to work, to earn what men earned in the previous year! See Equal Pay Coalition.
WEAR RED on Equal Pay Day to symbolize how far women and minorities are “in the red” with their pay!

Visit the Equal Pay Day Information booth (with info & exam snacks too!) – 10am-2pm on April 19 – sponsored by Queen’s AMS, PSAC901, QUFA and USW Local 2010.

Know your Paystub Updated for 2016

See instructions on Member Resources, Know Your Paystub – download the latest Excel file for 2016 and check your pay, deductions, and Queen’s contributions to your Pension Plan and benefits!

Hands-on workshop!
May 2, 2016
12 noon to 1 pm
Jeffery Hall Room 155
Bring a copy of your paystub

Ontario Government Seeking Input on Gender Wage Gap

On average, women in Ontario earn 12% to 31.5% less than men. This difference in pay is called the gender wage gap.


Closing the Gender Wage Gap – ALL WORKERS are invited to complete the brief (10 minute) survey before February 29, 2016 to have your voice heard!

There is overwhelming evidence that closing the gender wage gap has both economic and social benefits. As part of our economic plan, the government is in the early stages of developing a strategy to close the gender wage gap.

Share your experiences and feedback to help us close the gender wage gap in Ontario.

Your feedback will be considered by the Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee before it reports back to the government with recommendations in 2016.

See Gender Wage Gap Resource page for more info.

Meet Your Pension Reps
Questions about your Pension Plan? Contact your USW Pension Representative for assistance.

Carol Kavanaugh: ac.0102wsunull@hguanavak.lorac
Spring Forsberg-Lewis: ac.0102wsunull@siwel.grebsrof.gnirps
Mark Publicover, retiree: ac.0102wsunull@revocilbup.kram

2016 Membership Meeting Schedule
Add these dates to your calendar and join us each month to be informed of the latest News & Events of your Local Union.
Click here for the 2016 Membership Meeting Schedule.